Prepaid Card

Prepaid Card
Prepaid Card

The prepaid card allows you to make purchases without worrying about messing with your monthly budget. By simply loading it ahead of time, it can serve as an allowance card for children, an online and offline shopping card and a travel card.

  • A Bank al Etihad bank account
How is my prepaid card limit determined?

You have total control over how much money is in the card and you can set the limit depending on your spending.

Managing your prepaid card

Take control of your finances and credit by managing your prepaid card using the Bank al Etihad mobile app, where you can load, track or freeze your card, analyse. You can also enable your card for online purchases and set a daily spending limit.

Additional fees and penalties:
  • Card loss or damage replacement: 5 JOD
  • Annual fee: Free

It is important to understand how your Bank al Etihad prepaid card works so, please make sure you read the Terms & Conditions before you apply or get in touch to know more.

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